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2005 celebrates the 30th birthday of a record that belongs to the few that I must have played hundreds of times when I was fairly young: Brian Protheroe’s Pick Up (1975). Along with the preceding Pinball (1974) and the following I/You (1976), this album belongs to my all-time favourites.
When you hear these records now, it may be a bit difficult to hear why they did appeal to me so much then. But even nowadays the strong voice still sounds appealing, the tongue-in-cheekness of the lyrics still can bring on a smile. It’s only some of the the arrangements that sound so very 70’s, sometimes musical-like. (I hate musicals, by the way).

The performing scene clearly attracted Protheroe: after he quit recording albums he has continued his career as an actor and has been performing in numerous musicals. Check his CV on his website for details (by the way – this is by far the worst website I have seen in years!).

These albums records have been hard to find in their time , but they have been re-released on CD by Basta.

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  1. 2muknfuch

    I was listening to one of my old cassette compilations I made in the early 80’s and this song is on it. It is absolutely a great song to this day. Was he rapping long before it was fashionable? I had to turn it up!

  2. PvC

    Hi Colin
    I’m afraid I can’t help you with this…hope someone else can. I always had the feeling the song might be somewhat more difficult to play than it sounds initially. After all these years this is still a great track!

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