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Olivier Alary * Selffish


On ‘Fiction – Non-Fiction’, Olivier Alary presents a multi-faceted overview of his recent soundtrack compositions – with a special unreleased track called ‘Discipline’ as additional bonus listening on Ambientblog.

Next to that, Selffish (yes: two ff’s) presents his new album on the Serein label, which is every bit as beautiful as you’ve come to expect from this label’s output.



A selection of Drone releases by the Line Imprint label and the Dutch Moving Furniture label:

Dive into the sounds of eternity with Eleh & Richard Chartier, Yann Novak, Radboud Mens & Matthijs Kouw, David Fyans, Martijn Comes and Orphax

Kleefstra/Bakker/Kleefstra (x3) * Tsjinlûd


2016 has been a relatively quiet year for the Kleefstra Brothers – nucleus of many different projects of ambient improv and Frisian poetry.

Until recently when suddenly three albums by Kleefstra / Bakker / Kleefstra were released almost simultaneously, as well as theTsjinlûd multimedia project celebrating the Frisian culture in words, pictures, drawings and music.