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  • Nest - Body Pilot
    Starting out as a netlabel , distributing free releases such as the original Nest EP ,  Serein took an unexpected sudden turn and resurfaced as a 'standard' label.  " Re-T
  • Olan Mill - Pine
    Olan Mill is the name of the duo ( Alex Smalley and Svitlana Samoylenko ) presenting " Pine " , the long-awaited second release of the british Serein label .   Serein star
  • Nest - Retold
    The Serein netlabel was founded in 2005 and released quite an impressing batch of quality ambient and electronic music. In 2007, Serein released it's 'flagship title': the
  • The Inventors of Aircraft - Unknown Language
    The Serein netlabel once again lives up to their expectations. With their latest release, 'Unknown Language' by The Inventors of Aircraft , the label now offers 17 free al
  • Nest - Nest
    Ambient music collectors no longer visit the local record shop to find the latest releases. Most of the times, the titles are not even stocked. Still, the genre is lively

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