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  • Benoit Pioulard - Hymnal Remixes
    In March 2013 and the months following, Benoit Pioulard (Thomas Meluch) caused quite a stir with " Hymnal " , his fourth release for the Kranky label. Inspired by ' the ub
  • Antonymes - There Can Be No True Beauty Without Decay
    To celebrate its 50th release since 2009, Hibernate Records could hardly have chosen any better release than Antonymes ' "There Can Be No True Beauty Without Decay" . Not
  • Michel Banabila - 47 Voice Loops + Gardening (Extended)
    Two surprising new albums by Michel Banabila , both based on some of his earlier work yet remarkably different from most albums in his extensive catalogue. 47 VOICE LOOPS
  • Mathon - Terrestre
    With their new release 'Terrestre', Mathon takes a further step in creating their own unique genre. Their music is, as always,  consequently linked to geographical locatio
  • :Papercutz - Do Outro Lado De Espelho
    Well here's for something completely different! Usually, ambientblog is not the platform to promote portuguese electronic pop music - however adventurous it may be. But af
  • Ian Hawgood - Slow Films in Low Light
    Headphone Commute recently published a beautiful mix created entirely of tracks published on the Home Normal label. Although all tracks in the mix are interesting enhough
  • [R]ecyclopedia [R]emix
    Let me begin with a warning: this mix is quite unlike the previous ones! Though there are quite a lot 'ambient moments' to enjoy, it cannot be qualified as 'ambient music
  • Mathon - Via Mala (The Remixes)
    " Mathon " is a project (named after the same titled location in the Swiss Alps) where for one week a mobile studio is installed high up in the swiss mountains, ands guest
  • "Friederich Remixed" by Banabila
    In december 2008, dutch musicians Frans Friederich and Michel Banabila met each other performing on the 'RadioLines' performance, organised by the (now almost deceased) ra
  • Beautiful Companions: Balmorhea
    Excuse me for being ignorant, but until recently Balmorhea was unknown to me. Which is sort of remarkable, since they mention Claude Debussy, Beethoven, Rachel's, Max Rich
  • Beautiful Companions: Dakota Suite
    'The End of Trying' is not a 'typical' Dakota Suite Release. Unlike most Dakota Suite albums (except 1999's Navigators Yard ) it is fully instrumental, with Chris Hooson,
  • LUCHTKASTELEN - Castles of Air
    The ‘ Luchtkastelen ’ (Castles of Air) Festival focuses on new music for church organ . |The festival will feature organ performances, improvisation performances, as wel a

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