Autistici & Justin Varis – Nine (+ Remixes)

Autistici & Justin Varis

Autistici (David Newman) and Justin Varis present eight ‘synaesthetic’ interpretations of various colours.
They are completed with another eight remixes from different artists that seem put the colours in the perspective of their surrounding landscapes.

Together, these two cd’s are a truely caleidoscopic collection! … Read More

Various Artists – Marilli Remixed

Marilli Remixed

Various artists remix the original tracks – with remarkable results!

Marilli Remixed is a collection or remixes from Michel Banabila’s debut album “Marilli” (1984) – an album that Banabila cosiders ‘too embarassing naive’ to re-release. The remixes prove there’s nothing to be ashamed of…

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From The Mouth of the Sun; Christina Vantzou; Lyken / Dove; Olafsson / Futuregrapher

No. 3

Different kinds of “Landscape Music” from three duo’s and one ensemble.
With releases from From The Mouth Of The Sun (Aaron Martin and Dag Rosenqvist), Christina Vantzou, Mark Lyken & Emma Dove, and Jón Ólafsson & Futuregrapher.
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Mauro Beltrán; Tatsuro Kojima; Drawing Virtual Gardens; JesterN

Maro Beltrán - Miere De Pier Los Árboles ....

Catching up some more:
an eclectic collection from young spanish composer Mauro Beltrán, ‘tactile’ music from Tatsuro Kojima, fragile yet virtual memories from Drawing Virtual Gardens, and an astonishing (surround) set by JesterN best described as ‘ambient electroacoustic breakcore’.
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Gideon Wolf; Michael Begg; Thomas Ragsdale; Variables;

Thomas Ragsdale - Bait

Catching up with some beautiful releases from the past few months:
Albums from Gideon Wolf, Michael Begg (Human Greed), Thomas Ragsdale and a collective of Bigo & Twigetti artists producing their album from scratch in only seven days! … Read More

Max Richter – (From) Sleep

Max Richter - Sleep

“Somehow, in Europe, over the last century, as complexity and inaccessibility became equated with intelligence and the avant-garde, we lost something along the way. Modernism gave us so many stunning works, but we also lost our lullabies.”

Long-form compositions are a challenge to a composer, because he (she) has to deal with the audience’s relatively short attention span: not many people will be able to focus and keep their concentration for 4 hours or even more. For this reason, it is no surprise that long-form experiments are often found in the realm of ambient music. Ánd that they are often dealing with ‘sleep’ – which instantly solves the attention span problem too. … Read More

Mike Cooper; J Butler; Tambour; Lunae Lumen

Fratello Mare

Mike Cooper’s Fratello Mare is a journey you’d better not begin unprepared: it’s exploring the beauty of the Pacific yet somehow also resembles Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas…!?

Furthermore: some music to calm down to: guitar pedal soundscapes by J. Butler, and two short neo-classical EP’s by Tambour and Lunae Lumen

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Anne Garner – Be Life

Anne Garner - Fire #2

With her previous releases, Anne Garner has secured a very special place, right in the middle of the area where indie folk, singer-songwriter and ambient music overlap.
On Be Life, her latest collaboraton with James Murray, Anne’s otherworldy vocals are even more intense and intimate than before.
This is shamelessly romantic music … as reassuring as a new-found love! … Read More

Jean-Paul Dessy + Musiques Nouvelles – O’Clock

Dessy - O'Clock

Jean-Paul Dessy (1963) is a Belgian composer with an impressive track record.
One that is clearly not afraid to cross borders into unknown territories: he has a distinct personal style of composing, which is quite different from other contemporary modern classical composers that often choose the romantic ‘cinematographic’ style. His work is dramatic, extremely dynamic – a roller coaster ride of conflicting emotions.

This is neither classical music as-we-know-it, nor is it rock music disguised as a symphony.
It’s not simply following the current ‘hip and happening’ post-classical style, but completely unique and personal. … Read More

Monochromie; Visionary Hours; Peter Grech; Northumbria; Mogano


It’s hard to keep up with so much great music out there.

Here’s a selection that brings you from modern classical to futuristic dub (via reel-to-reel tape delay)!
Hightlights from Monochromie; Visionary Hours; Peter Grech; Northumbria and Mogano … Read More