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Marsen Jules – Shadows in Time

Marsen Jules - Shadows in Time

What is a good way to release a Generative Music composition?

Marsen Jules chose to release his Shadows in Time in 300+ different variations on different media: a CD release (with a ‘static’ version), and a unique individual recording for every different USB-stick ….
Apart from that there are also some uniquely pressed transparent vinyl 12″ with a different version on each pressing (!).

…. And by the way: the music is great, too! … [ Read More ]

Matthew Collings – A Requiem for Edward Snowden

Matthew Collings - A Requiem for Edward Snowden

This is not exactly your average enjoyable ‘contemporary neo-classical’ music, and it definitely isn’t ‘romantic’ either.
Though there are quiet parts, most of the piece is quite unnerving.
It is not an ‘easy’ Requiem to listen to. And it shouldn’t be, of course, because it seems there’s not gonna be a happy ending to this story soon.

“The greatest fear that I have….. is that nothing will change.”
Edward Snowden … [ Read More ]

Secret 41 (Mix)

Secret 41

Because of the drones, atmospheric field recordings and insect sounds, this mix will be labeled as an ‘ambient’ mix by most listeners.
And of course it is…. but at the same time it isn’t.
It simply isn’t ‘unobtrusive’ enough to be ‘ambient’.

An hour-long journey of scene changes, meandering between *Kitsch* and *Kult* – a bit more ‘psychedelic’ than ‘ambient’, in fact. … [ Read More ]

Quiet Noise; Tiny Portraits; Bionulor; Lucy

Quiet Noise

Tiny Portraits of an Old Writer, Music and Buildings (and Music), and the everyday lifecycle of Eat, Drink, Shop, Relax

(Shortlist featuring new releases by Quiet Noise, Tiny Portraits, Bionulor and Lucy) … [ Read More ]

Multicast Dynamics; Tobias Freund & Valentina Berthelon; Mario Gronnert; Richard Eigner

Mario Gronnert

Edgar Varèse defined music as ‘organized sound’…

This shortlist presents some fine examples of ‘organized sound’: the final chapter of Multicast Dynamics’ four-part series, audio/visual experiments from Tobias Freund & Valentina Berthelon, urban dreamscapes from Mario Gronnert and CommonSen5E, and, to conclude, a work by Richard Eigner that may best demonstrate why Varèse’s definition is a good one. … [ Read More ]

DreamScenes 2016-04

DreamScenes Logo

New month – new selection. The April DreamScenes selection welcomes a new spring with a variation that properly fits the month of the year!

Featuring tracks by J.Peter Schwalm, Bionulor, Fovea Hex, Biosphere, Tobias Freund & Valentina Berthelor, Djivan Gasparyan/Machinefabriek, Antonymes, Jakob Lindhagen, Guy Gelem, Quiet Noise, Chris Abrahams and Mark Lyken. … [ Read More ]

1631 Recordings Selection

Endless Melancholy

Today is “Piano Day”, a perfect day for this overview of some recent releases on 1631 Recordings – a new label run by David Wenngren (Library Tapes) and Mattias Nilsson (Kning Disk).

In the first months of 2016, they’ve unleashed an incredible amount of releases featuring new material as well as a bunch of re-releases.
And there’s no sign this will stop soon! … [ Read More ]

Jason van Wyk; Stefano Guzzetti; Iggy Pop-Tarwater-Alva Noto; Inside the Baxter Building; Alex Lucas-Olan Mill


A new bunch to check out: great music from Jason van Wyk, Stefano Guzzetti, Iggy Pop-Tarwater-Alva Noto, Inside the Baxter Building and Alex Lucas + Olan Mill … [ Read More ]