Stephan Mathieu – Nachtstücke


The ink of the cover of his previous release Sacred Grounds” had barely dried when Stephan Mathieu announced his new release called Nachtstücke“.
(metaphorically speaking of course: these are both download-only releases).

The first thing to notice is that the full release of these “Night Pieces” is 260 minutes in length – that’s about a half night’s sleep!
For most – if not all – listeners, four hours and twenty minutes of extended droning is simply too much for concentrated listening. So that obviously is not what this music is intended for. … Read More

Undisclosed – 7C5858C


One of the most active and vibrant websites about electronic, experimental and instrumental music I know, Headphone Commute, has even found the time to start a new side-project called “Undisclosed”.
“The project allows each musician to explore a particular sonic territory, while remaining detached from all of the previous associations with their notable name. The series also invites the listener to strip away all of the predisposed concepts and instead focus on the only thing that really matters — MUSIC”
… Read More

Monty Adkins – Borderlands


‘Borderlands’ is an extended meditation for multitracked cellos recorded by cellist William Mace. The composition ‘comprises of six interludes and six extended panels, each comprising twenty-eight short melodic fragments. Each panel uses the same fragments to form new melodies and harmonies.” – but for the listener it feels – and can be enjoyed – as one single uninterrupted piece.
A piece in which every single detail has its place, a piece that conveys that everything is as it should be. A very, very comforting piece. … Read More

Janek Schaefer – Unfolding Luxury / Inner Space Memorial

Unfolding Luxury

In two separate vinyl album releases (also available as digital downloads), the Dekorder label presents a beautiful overview of the work of Janek Schaefer, presenting new pieces in some cases created by collating existing material.

“Unfolding Luxury beyond the City of Dreams”, the first album of the pair, contains seven relatively short pieces (ranging from 3 to 8 minutes). Within the calm atmosphere of these pieces, there are many fascinating sounds to discover.

The title of the second album, “Inner Space Memorial in Wonderland”, is a combination of the titles of the two pieces included, each taking up a full side of the album with about 20 minutes. … Read More

DreamScenes 2015-01


The fourth of the monthly DreamScenes broadcasts, with some great tracks from new and forthcoming releases.
(Full playlist details published below).

The end of 2014 saw the release of many (and I mean many) spectacular albums, of which you’ll find only a selection here.
Some familiar names matched with some lesser known artists…some organic sounds, field recordings, Terje Isungset’s glass percussion (wíth Arve Henriksen), trumpets, pianos, and – of course – some stretched drones…

Enjoy this january issue – and let’s hope it’s the start of a beautiful and musical year! … Read More

Kate Carr – Fabulations


At the end of every year, everyone remotely involved with music seems to be obsessed with creating all kinds of ‘end-of-year’ lists. Releasing an album in the very last week of the year means it’ll probably fall through the cracks of those lists: too late for the 2014 list, and to early for next year’s.
I have no doubt that Kate Carr’s “Fabulations” would’ve been included in many lists if it had been released earlier.
But now that it hasn’t: just forget about your lists and start listening. … Read More

Marsen Jules – Sinfonietta – At GRM


Marsen Jules’ (Martin Juhls’) new album ‘Sinfonietta’ is released barely a month after he released ‘At GRM’ on his own label.

It is interesting to note the difference between these two albums, as well as their similarities: in a way, the albums relate to each others like day relates to night.
But they also have a lot in common: in both albums, the notion of time is completely irrelevant.
… Read More

Dale Cooper Quartet + Dictaphones vs. Witxes – Split

Dale Cooper Quartet Witxes Split

Haunting dark jazz of Dale Cooper Quartet & Dictaphones, inspired by a Witxes track, and a Witxes track reconstructing an earlier Dale Cooper Quartet track.

Both with a beautiful flow of narrative storytelling, an almost cinematic sequence of ‘tension and release’. … Read More

Monolyth & Cobalt; Vitiello + Roden; Gateless Gate; How Hot is Your Cloud; Black to Comm
- shortlist -

Black to Comm

Another shortlist for the last days of this year: beautiful soundscapes from Monolyth & Cobalt (Mathias van Eecloo, including reworks by many of his friends), Steve Roden & Stephen Vitiello, Gateless Gate (exploring the vast Siberian Landscape), How Hot is Your Cloud, and the surrealist music of Black to Comm. … Read More

Memum; Chris Russell; Sava Marinkovic; Halcyon Chamber; Past Disappears
- shortlist -

became a leaf

A shortlist with a tinge of Christmas, but also looking forward to the fresh air of spring…

New albums from Memum, Chris Russell, Sava Marinkovic, Halcyon Chamber and – to conclude – a free christmas present from the Dronarivm label artists. … Read More

Siren Song (Mix)

Die Lorelei (Artist unknown)

This mix is built around mysterious vocals. Vocals that may guide you, or lure you, into distances unknown.
Often, but not exclusively, female, and some of them not even human – like the beautiful flute-playing by Jean-Christophe Bonnafous, or the mysterious singing sound of the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko that was recently discovered during the Rosetta space missions.
With just a little fantasy you can imagine the Philae Space Lander being attracted by the comet’s song – ultimately leading it to an untimely death. … Read More