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  • Harnes Kretzer - Petrichor
    Building on the sound of a soft damped piano, including the breathing and squeaking sounds of the piano's inner mechanics, " Petrichor " risks being compared to the refere
  • Black Elk - Sketches I -V
    With core members Ian Hawgood (electronics), Danny Norbury (cello), Clem Leek (piano), and Tim Martin (Maps and Diagrams, electronics), Black Elk could be regarded as a po
  • More Piano!!
    A seemingly random collection of albums with the  piano as the main instrument... OTTO A. TOTLAND - PINÔ Half of Deaf Center.  Also half of Nest. More introduction to the
  • "Piano Acts"
    NILS FRAHM - SPACES Possibly the most well-known artist mentioned here is keyboard wizard Nils Frahm. Whoever has seen him perform live will definitely remember that perfo
  • Lyndsie Alguire - Clair Obscur
    Most of the time I try to review albums as if they were a debut release, without historical context about the artists involved, and presented without packaging. It's argua
  • Bruno Sanfilippo; Endless Melancholy; Joe Evans
    Throughout musical history, the pure and delicate sound of the piano has never really been out of style. But still, recent years have seen a revival of (more or less) impr
  • afarOne - Lucen
    Stefan Ruggeri is a classically trained pianist "with a core of teenage rebellion, and a love for rock’n'roll." "I was used to going to the conservatory with Pearl Jam on
  • Jeremy de Tolly - Piano Nocturnes Volume One
    "Nothing but a Grand Piano. No Synths, drones, pan pipes or tubular bells. I think it's quite different. The music is very gentle, slow and quiet, more about the space bet
  • Bernocchi, Budd, Guthrie - Winter Garden
    If you are familiar with the works of Harold Budd together with Robin  Guthrie  (Cocteau Twins) on earlier classics like Lovely Thunder, The Moon and the Melodies, T he Wh
  • Leah Kardos - Feather Hammer
    Sometimes an album comes along that is difficult to define, because it doesn't seem to conform to what may be considered as a single 'style' or a 'genre'. Albums like that
  • Scissors and Sellotape - For the Tired and Ill At Ease
    Before talking about the actual music on this album, let's first take a look at its remarkable package. After all, "the medium is the message" isn't it? " For the Tired an
  • Clem Leek - Lifenotes
    The album cover image may suggest this is another piano-based  album. Not true, although the piano plays an important role. The first two tracks on his new album Lifenotes
  • Nils Frahm - Felt
    Although just under 30, self-taught pianist Nils Frahm   has gained world-wide recognition for his delicate, yet fascinatingly dynamic, improvisational style of playing. H
  • Nest - Body Pilot
    Starting out as a netlabel , distributing free releases such as the original Nest EP ,  Serein took an unexpected sudden turn and resurfaced as a 'standard' label.  " Re-T
  • Antonymes - Like Rumours of Hushed Thunder
    Shortly after releasing his beautiful album " The Licence to interpret Dreams" , Antonymes brings another sweet surprise. To be honest - the REAL surprise was the extremel
  • Joe Evans + Craig Burston - Systems out of Chance
    Ambient/Electronic albums with an added DVD have my extra attention, especially when the DVD includes surround version of the music.  In this respect, Systems Out of Chanc
  • M. Ostermeier - Chance Reconstruction
    The very first release on the brand new Tench label  comes in a digipack with beautiful landscape photography by James Luckett . These sober, black & white, pictures perfe
  • Max Richter - Infra
    Next to Johann Johannsson  and Ólafur Arnalds , Max Richter is one of the pioneers of the 'post-classical' genre, a mixture of classical music, electronic sounds and rock
  • [Antonymes] - Beauty Becomes...
    [antonymes]  ( Ian Hazeldine,  UK) released his album, titled " Beauty Becomes The Enemy of the Future"  , in different formats. Unfortunately, the special edition (a beau
  • Language of Landscape - Memories Fade
    For those of you that like their minimal ambient backgrounds combined with piano music (like Helios/Goldmund , Max Richter or Nest ) this is a great gift: the 45 minute al
  • Peter Broderick - Music for a Sleeping Sculpture...
    Earlier this weekend, the Belgian label Slaapwel (Sleep Well) presented their first labelnight in Leuven, Belgium. To my regret, I was not able to be there - although I'm
  • Nest - Retold
    The Serein netlabel was founded in 2005 and released quite an impressing batch of quality ambient and electronic music. In 2007, Serein released it's 'flagship title': the
  • Tomasz Bednarczyk - Summer Feelings
    When listening to the music on this CD, it's hard to imagine that the creator, 22-year old Tomasz Bednarczyk from Poland, wasn't born yet when Brian Eno and Harold Budd cr
  • Joe Frawley - The Hypnotist
    Not exactly “ambient”, but definitely “Cinema for the Ear” as the composer himself calls it. And  indeed: the carefully orchestrated samples and sound fragments seem to te
  • Nest - Nest
    Ambient music collectors no longer visit the local record shop to find the latest releases. Most of the times, the titles are not even stocked. Still, the genre is lively
  • Goldmund - The Heart Of High Places
    The sound of Goldmund (Keith Kenniff's) piano on this record definitely reminds me of the early Harold Budd recording The Serpent (in Quicksilver). The intimately recorded

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