Thomas Köner; Multicast Dynamics; Machinefabriek + Anne Bakker


The sound of current state of affairs is not particularly reassuring: Thomas Köner presents an Opéra Digitale based on the Futurist Manifesto, Machinefabriek and Anne Bakker keep you alert with alarming string glissandi, and Multicast Dynamics adds some glacial Scandinavian cold. … Read More

From The Mouth of the Sun; Christina Vantzou; Lyken / Dove; Olafsson / Futuregrapher

Christina Vantzou - No. 3

Different kinds of “Landscape Music” from three duo’s and one ensemble.
With releases from From The Mouth Of The Sun (Aaron Martin and Dag Rosenqvist), Christina Vantzou, Mark Lyken & Emma Dove, and Jón Ólafsson & Futuregrapher.
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Stephan Mathieu – Before Nostromo

Before Nostromo

The sound design for Ridley Scott’s sci-fi / horror classic Alien (1979) has been an inspiration to many.

On Before Nostromo, Stephan Mathieu focuses on the crew, not on the spaceship.

Using piano, gongs, shortwave receiver, tapeloops and ‘entropic processes’, he re-creates the (soundtrack of the) dreams of the crew members just before they awake from hibernation.
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Anniversary Collection: “Rope To The Sky” (Mix)

Rope To Te Sky artwork (Arash Akbari)

On October 26, 1985, Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown arrives in his flying DeLorean time machine and persuades Marty McFly and his girlfriend, Jennifer Parker, to come back to the future with him.

They arrive on October 21, 2015

Only now we found out why they chose this date!

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Mauro Beltrán; Tatsuro Kojima; Drawing Virtual Gardens; JesterN

Maro Beltrán - Miere De Pier Los Árboles ....

Catching up some more:
an eclectic collection from young spanish composer Mauro Beltrán, ‘tactile’ music from Tatsuro Kojima, fragile yet virtual memories from Drawing Virtual Gardens, and an astonishing (surround) set by JesterN best described as ‘ambient electroacoustic breakcore’.
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Gideon Wolf; Michael Begg; Thomas Ragsdale; Variables;

Thomas Ragsdale - Bait

Catching up with some beautiful releases from the past few months:
Albums from Gideon Wolf, Michael Begg (Human Greed), Thomas Ragsdale and a collective of Bigo & Twigetti artists producing their album from scratch in only seven days! … Read More

Eilean & Dauw Dialog Tapes

Dauw - Dialog Tapes

In recent years it is not uncommon that artists work together without meeting each other in real life. On-Line collaboration is a common working method: sending work-in-progress to each other until it’s ready.
But as far as I know, two labels collaborating together in this way – matching their artists to work in duos on a collaboration track – has not been done before.

Dialog Tapes, released by Eilean Records and Dauw proves that the sum can indeed be much greater than the sum of its parts.
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10th Anniversary Celebration!

Ambientblog Credit Card

This month ambientblog celebrates its 10th anniversary.
Here’s a short preview of the anniversary project: a special mix containing exclusive tracks especially submitted for the occasion!

Apart from the download version of the mix and all separate exclusive tracks, there will also be a credit card USB version featuring the mix, all tracks ánd extras!
A beautiful little gem that hold over 60 hours (!!!) of sonic immersion! … Read More

Max Richter – (From) Sleep

Max Richter - Sleep

“Somehow, in Europe, over the last century, as complexity and inaccessibility became equated with intelligence and the avant-garde, we lost something along the way. Modernism gave us so many stunning works, but we also lost our lullabies.”

Long-form compositions are a challenge to a composer, because he (she) has to deal with the audience’s relatively short attention span: not many people will be able to focus and keep their concentration for 4 hours or even more. For this reason, it is no surprise that long-form experiments are often found in the realm of ambient music. Ánd that they are often dealing with ‘sleep’ – which instantly solves the attention span problem too. … Read More

Sleeping, or what….? (+ Folio_Archive)

Sleepy Koala
In case you are wondering about the recent lack of activity here: don’t worry – there’s a good reason for that:

Apart from the short holiday I enjoyed, I am now busy preparing an exciting project to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Ambientblog, later this year.
Details will follow soon – and it will definitely be worth the wait!

(And to fill the gap: here’s a Mixcloud link to the archive of radio shows I compiled for NPS Folio from 2006 until 2009). … Read More